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NSC on Electrical Hazards

Posted by on 6/4/2013 to Info News

The National Safety Council provides hundreds of resources, articles, and materials dedicated to improved workplace safety. Today, we'd like to share their advice on electrical safety best practices.

To identify possible electrical hazards in the workplace, the NSC recommends the following nine steps:

·         Check the surrounding area for spills, dampness or water.

·         Check connections and ground wires are tight and free from breaks.

·         Check circuits and wiring are in good repair and not overloaded.

·         Check insulation for worn spots or breaks that could cause a shock.

·         Check the condition of cords and extension cords.

·         Check and maintain equipment to make sure it is working right and free of defects or damage

·         Check equipment belts and gears to detect excess tension or binding that can cause a power overload.

·         Check that personal hand and foot protectors are kept in good repair and readily available.

·         Immediately report any hazards, damage and defective equipment, tools and machinery to a supervisor or manager.

The full NSC guide to basic electrical safety best practices is available here.

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