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Looking Like New – Tips for Easy Dent Removal

Posted by on 12/12/2013 to Vehicle Specific Tools
Luckily, if your vehicle has a only small to medium-sized dent and the paint has not been cracked or chipped, oftentimes you can repair the dent yourself with easy dent removal tools. The exact method for removing that dent depends on where the dent is located and how deeply it has impacted the body of the car. Suction Method The easiest and least expensive paintless dent removal tools are simple suction cups that can be used to pop the dent back out. Such dent repair tools are best used on dents that are flat to the surface of the car or have enough surface area to allow the suction cup to get a solid seal on the dent. If the dent has a crease or is uneven in its composition, you may not be able to get the grip you need to pull the dent out. Suction dent repair tools are best used on areas such as the hood, trunk, roof, or door panels of the car. They may come with a locking mechanism or lever or maybe a simple suction tool that is twisted into place. To use the suction method, make sure the area is cleaned of all debris. Rinse and dry the area around the dent, and apply a clean suction cup to the center of the dent. You may need to twist or reposition the suction cup or use a small amount of water around the edges to get a solid seal. When the suction cup has a bit of grip to the dent, engage the lock lever and firmly pull away from the car. With luck the dent will simply pop out once adequate pressure has been applied. If the suction cup detaches, simply repeat the process and try again. Mallet Method If the dent occurs on a rounded surface such as a fender or around the wheel well, you may have to force the dent out from the inside. This requires a bit more skill than the simple suction method s you will need to either remove the panel or maneuver around to behind the dent. Once you locate the inside portion of the dent, use a rubber mallet to tap the dent out. This may require some force, but be careful to only hit where you intend, lest you create a new dent. Also, always use a hard rubber mallet rather than a hammer, as the steel of the hammer can cause further damages to the car and weaken the area around the dent. If neither the suction nor mallet method work for your dent, or if there is damage to the paint around the dent, you will likely require more sophisticated dent removal tools and further training to remove the dent effectively. Consult a local body shop for any detailed questions about further damages to your vehicle.

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