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Land Speed Week, Recap

Posted by on 6/16/2013 to Really, Really Fast Vehicles

Starting out in the 19th century, humans have pushed and modified their vehicles any way they could to be the fastest in the world. After over a century of competition, the record has grown from 41 mph to 763 mph, with 1,000 mph just around the corner.

The record for motorcycles is lower, due to the incredible danger involved - a mere 376mph! The latest record-setting rocket bike clocked 163 miles per hour. Strapping a hydrogen peroxide rocket to a motorcycle is something so inexcusably insane, only a true gearhead would make the attempt!

If you're interested in trying your own luck on the sunny shore of Lake Bonneville, contact the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association for membership and technical information. Spectator tickets for their events start at $20... but you don't just want to watch, do you?

Good luck and drive safely!

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