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Land Speed Pioneers

Posted by on 6/11/2013 to Really, Really Fast Vehicles

In the first part of a series  on the early days of land speed records, DarkRoastedBlend opens their coverage with the competition to set and hold the very first record in electric automobiles:

French racing driver Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat set the first recognized automobile land speed record in December 1898 in a Jeantaud electric powered car. His average speed was 39 mph (63.13 km/h), which he surpassed only a month later by reaching 41.41 mph (66.65 km/h). He was involved in many contests with the Belgian racecar driver Camille Jenatzy, as they took the title from each other, increasing the speed record each time.

Part One takes us through to the 1960s, leaving off just before the introduction of the jet and rocket-powered vehicles which dominate competition today.

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