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Klann Tools KL-4040-100 K Torx Tool Set

Klann Tools KL-4040-100 K Torx Tool Set

Part Number:KLAKL-4040-100 K
Klann Tools
Klann Tools KL-4040-100 K Torx Tool Set

KL-4040-1208T8 x 80 mm
KL-4040-1210T10 x 100 mm
KL-4040-1215T15 x 100 mm
KL-4040-1220T20 x 100 mm
KL-4040-1225T25 x 100 mm
KL-4040-1227T27 x 100 mm
KL-4040-1230T30 x 100 mm
KL-4040-1240T40 x 100 mm
Double Ring Spanners 
KL-4443-0608E6 / E8
KL-4443-1012E10 / E12
KL-4443-1418E14 / E18
KL-4443-2024E20 / E24
Sockets, Drive 1/2", Length 38 mm 
KL-4040-1012Torx E12
KL-4040-1014Torx E14
KL-4040-1016Torx E16
KL-4040-1018Torx E18
KL-4040-1020Torx E20
KL-4040-1022Torx E22
KL-4040-1024Torx E24
Bit-Inserts, Size (waf)10mm - KL-4004-329 drive 1/2" 
Bit-Inserts, Drive size (waf) 10 mm; Length 30 mm 
KL-4044-7040Torx T40
KL-4044-7045Torx T45
KL-4044-7050Torx T50
KL-4044-7055Torx T55
KL-4044-7060Torx T60
Bit-Inserts, Drive hex 10; Length 75 mm 
KL-4044-7115Torx T15
KL-4044-7120Torx T20
KL-4044-7125Torx T25
KL-4044-7130Torx T30
KL-4044-7140Torx T40
KL-4044-7145Torx T45
KL-4044-7150Torx T50
KL-4044-7155Torx T55
KL-4044-7160Torx T60
Sockets, Drive 1/4"o, Length 23 mm 
KL-4047-6004Torx E4
KL-4047-6005Torx E5
KL-4047-6006Torx E6
KL-4047-6007Torx E7
KL-4047-6008Torx E8
KL-4047-6010Torx E10
KL-4047-6011Torx E11
Socket Inserts, Drive 1/4"o, Length 38 mm 
KL-4041-1007Torx T7
KL-4041-1008Torx T8
KL-4041-1009Torx T9
KL-4041-1010Torx T10
KL-4041-1015Torx T15
KL-4041-1020Torx T20
KL-4041-1025Torx T25
KL-4041-1027Torx T27
KL-4041-1030Torx T30
Bit-Holder hex 1/4" KL-4004-129 Drive 1/4" 
Bit-Inserts, Drive hex 1/4" 
KL-4045-1007Torx T7B
KL-4045-1008Torx T8B
KL-4045-1009Torx T9B
KL-4045-1010Torx T10B
KL-4045-1015Torx T15B
KL-4045-1020Torx T20B
KL-4045-1025Torx T25B
KL-4045-1027Torx T27B
KL-4045-1030Torx T30B
KL-4045-1040Torx T40B
Torx Hexagon Socket Keys 
KL-4241-1008Torx T8
KL-4241-1010Torx T10
KL-4241-1015Torx T15
KL-4241-1020Torx T20
KL-4241-1025Torx T25
KL-4241-1027Torx T27
KL-4241-1030Torx T30
KL-4241-1040Torx T40
KL-4241-1045Torx T45
KL-4241-1050Torx T50
KL-4241-1055Torx T55
KL-4241-1060Torx T60

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