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Klann Tools KL-0180-100K Universal Locking Pin Set with Case

Klann Tools KL-0180-100K Universal Locking Pin Set with Case

Part Number:KLAKL-0180-100K
Klann Tools
Klann Tools KL-0180-100K Universal Locking Pin Set with Case

Suitable for:
VW-Audi, BMW, Citroën, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, etc.
Application: Locking of engine shafts
The insertion of appropriate locking pins into the camshaft
pulley and injection pump pulley, into flywheel and the insertion
of the fixing gauge KL-0280-9 into the camshaft slot guarantees
correct positioning of camshaft and pump shaft to the
crankshaft when exchanging the timing belt, removing or installing
the injection pump, etc. (Correct timing adjustment).
Only then will the optimal engine power be achieved and
damage to the engine be prevented. (For further information
see KL-0126-10 and KL-0129-1 A).

KL-0180-100K Locking Pin Set Universal 1
consists of:
KL-0280-10 Locking Pin (Audi V6) 1
KL-0280-8 Locking Pin Ø15.5 (VW-Audi, Seat) 1
KL-0280-9 Fixing Gauge (VW-Audi, Seat) 1
KL-0580-10 Locking Pin Ø11.8 / Ø8 (BMW) 1
KL-0580-11 Locking Pin Ø9.9 (BMW) 1
KL-0680-10 Locking Pin for crankshaft (Ford) 1
KL-0680-11 Locking Pin Ø8.3 (Renault, Ford) 1
KL-0680-12 Locking Pin Ø9.5 (Ford) 1
KL-0680-13 Locking Pin Ø12.9 (Ford) 1
KL-0680-14 Locking Pin Ø6 (Ford) 2
KL-1280-10 Locking Pin Ø8 / Ø12 (Renault) 1
KL-1280-11 Hex Bolt M5 × 50 (Renault) 2
KL-1280-12 Hex Bolt M7 × 50 (Renault) 3
KL-1380-10 Locking Pin A Ø8 (Peugeot) 1
KL-1380-11 Locking Pin B Ø9.5 (Peugeot) 1
KL-1380-12 Locking Pin C Ø6 (Peugeot) 1
KL-1382-1 Reaction Wrench for Timing Belt (Peugeot) 1
KL-1480-10 Locking Pin angled Ø6.8 (Peugeot) 1
KL-1480-11 Locking Pin angled Ø6 (Peugeot) 1
KL-1480-12 Locking Pin Ø6 short (Peugeot) 2
KL-1480-13 Locking Pin M8 / Ø6.7 (Citroën, Peug.) 1
KL-1480-14 Locking Pin Ø10 / Ø8 (Peugeot) 1
KL-1480-15 Locking Pin angled Ø7.8 (Citroën, Peug.) 1
KL-1480-16 Locking Pin Ø6 long (Peugeot) 2
KL-1480-17 Hex Bolt M8 × 30 (Peugeot) 2
KL-1480-18 Hex Bolt M8 × 40 (Peugeot) 1
KL-0180-1020 Plastic Storage Case 1

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