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Irwin UN502T Unibit 3 Piece Titanium Nitride Step Drill Set

Irwin UN502T Unibit 3 Piece Titanium Nitride Step Drill Set

Part Number:VGPUN502T
Irwin UN502T Unibit 3 Piece Titanium Nitride Step Drill Set.

UNIBIT® step drills are in a class unto themselves. UNIBIT step drills include as many as 13 different hole sizes in a single bit, eliminating the need for an entire tool box full of specific sized drill bits. And its built-in differences result in a tool that cuts faster and cleaner and gives a true, round hole every time.

Once the proper hole diameter is attained, the hole is automatically deburred by the cutting edge of the next larger step.

Each UNIBIT step drill is constructed of industrial-grade high speed Molybdenum steel, heat-treated and tempered to assure long life.

The bright-gold finish of titanium-nitride coated (TiN) UNIBIT® step drills not only enhances the appearance of the tool, but enhances its performance. With the addition of the titanium-nitride coating, the tool takes on a 33 percent increase in surface hardness making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. This results in a step drill that lasts up to five times longer than an uncoated bit.
The titanium-nitride surface is inert to steel, which prevents steel from sticking to it, and makes it ideal for a variety of industrial uses. The coating gives a low coefficient of friction, which allows the tool to run cooler.

Set includes:

1 each of UN1T, UN2T and UN3T.

Ships via UPS.

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