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Important Automotive Alignment Tools For Your Vehicle

Posted by on 1/15/2013 to Info News
Poorly aligned wheels can cause vibrations and shakes at random times while you drive your car, and while it may not seem like a big deal at first, the problem can impair car control, causing safety concerns and wear out your tires quickly. A car is supposed to move in a straight line and when it's not properly aligned it will pull to the right or left, making it harder to steer. After every 12,000 miles, you should make use of automotive alignment tools that'll correct the angle of your wheels and ensure that your vehicle travels in a straight line. An example of these tools is the magnetic camber and caster gauge, which is used when the vehicle is parked on level ground to measure camber and caster angles. This small tool is similar to a spirit level and it can be attached magnetically to a wheel hub. It gives readings of up to +6 to -6 degrees from true alignment by means of a bubble gauge.

There are a number of steps you can follow to identify the cause of shakes and shimmies in your car. Sometimes the problem can be the suspension and not the tires, but more often the tires are to blame. Visit a mechanic if you feel that fixing this problem is beyond your scope of abilities or if you don’t have the right automotive alignment tools to get the job done.

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