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Importance of Organizing Your Workplace

Posted by on 10/17/2012 to Info News

When was the last time you misplaced your screw driver? Last year? Or maybe last month? The point is, there are times where we badly need a tool, and we can’t find where it is. Yes, it happens to everyone. Well, not actually everyone. There are some people who have never lost a tool in their lives. Some people know exactly where to find which tool they need because they keep them well organized.  That’s how important organizing your tools is. Imagine all your tools in a single well organized place. You will less likely be misplacing your tools, and you will find them whenever you need them.  This is what Allan Page is trying to explain in his article, “How to Organize Tools.”

According to Allan Page, the hardest part of organizing all your tools is gathering them all together. Some people have more tools than others, which makes gathering all the tools rather time consuming. When you’ve gathered all the tools, you need to separate them and group them together. You can group them according to purpose or according to size. Sorting your tools will depend on your preference. When your tools are sorted together, you can put them in a tool box or separate tool box and store them in an easy to reach places in your workshop.

While you’re organizing your tools, why not organize your whole workshop?  John Glimmerveen discusses the importance of workshop safety in his article “Motorcycle Workshop Safety.”  According to his article, an organized workshop will make any work done in the workshop a lot easier and safer. Be sure to check for proper lighting and ventilation. Make sure the workshop ceiling, walls, and floors are clean. Make sure that tools and machines are organized and are in proper working condition.  After organizing your workshop, you will feel a lot better when working.

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