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How Many Tools Are Too Many?

Posted by on 10/26/2012 to Info News
Tools. There are literally hundreds, even millions of different tools for everything available in hardware stores and tool shops right now. There are even new ones that are being invented from time to time. Most people keep a tool box or two to organize their tools.  What do you think will happen if the tools we have cannot fit in one, two, three, or even four tool boxes? You might say, does anyone have as many tools as that? Well, there is someone who has that, and actually more!

According to the article ”Garland tool collector is an artist at heart” by Claire Miers; a tool lover from Garland may have all the tools anyone could possibly have! He is Lyn Dowd, a 58-year-old  who seems to have every tool that is currently available in any tool shop. His passion for tools doesn’t stop there. Dowd doesn’t just collect tools; he also uses them to create works of art.

One great quality of tools is that they evolve with technology. In the past, every tool was used manually. Now, we have power tools available, which make some jobs a lot faster. Power tools are a huge leap from the old manual hand tools. With the emergence of power tools, who would have thought that some people will be interested in tools made of stone? The article “Stone Tools with Plastic Handles” showed some tools made of stone, those same tools that cave men used during the prehistoric age, mixed with plastic handles. The article said that these tools were the brainchild of two Israeli designers. At first, anyone would think that these tools are just for display purposes, but the author said that these stone tools with plastic handle are in fact functional! With all the tools that are available today, will anyone actually use these tools?  Furthermore, is there any need for all these kinds of tools? It’s up to you to decide.

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