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The Evolution of Muscle Car

Posted by Chris Smith on 11/12/2013 to Hot Rods
The Return of the Muscle Car In the 1960s and 70s, nothing said cool quite like the all-American muscle car.

Hot Rod Week, Recap

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/30/2013 to Hot Rods
This week, we brought you a selection of articles and builds from a number of aspects of the hot rod scene. While the core styles from the 20s and 30s still have their die-hard fans, the last century produced an incredible variety of hot rods and custom vehicles in the same spirit.

Kids These Days: Tuners

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/29/2013 to Hot Rods
The import racing scene spawned a series of movies and whole forums dedicated to ostracizing them from the hot rod community.

HRM's Top 100 Influential Hot Rods

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/28/2013 to Hot Rods
If you want to watch the scene evolve, from the 20s to the modern day, Hot Rod Magazine's Top 100 Influential Hot Rods is a great place to start. One thing we didn't know before reading through their list was that the entire monster truck scene started with a single '74 F-250:

Green Rods?

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/27/2013 to Hot Rods
Can you have power, style, speed, and a 2.5 million mile motor maintenance cycle? Why yes, you can:

Rat Rods for the People

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/26/2013 to Hot Rods
As gearheads and tinkers, many mechanics feel a real connection to the rat rod scene. Rat rods are a high-powered reaction to the show car: hot rods engineered from found and re-purposed components, stripped of all the glitz and polish.

What's a Hot Rod?

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/25/2013 to Hot Rods
People use the term “hot rod” loosely; even today, there's no more agreement on where the term comes from than there is on what is or isn't a hot rod.

Hot Rod Week

Posted by Chris Smith on 6/24/2013 to Hot Rods
Everyone knows a car guy. Keeping his vehicles in perfect repair isn't quite enough.
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