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Hot Rod Week, Recap

Posted by on 6/30/2013 to Hot Rods

This week, we brought you a selection of articles and builds from a number of aspects of the hot rod scene. While the core styles from the 20s and 30s still have their die-hard fans, the last century produced an incredible variety of hot rods and custom vehicles in the same spirit.

Rat rods are arguably the clearest case for this general impulse, but there's a hot rod scene for all comers. High tech, green hot rods with electric motors are becoming more popular, and common imports like the Civic and Impreza are taking the place of those original Fords – cheap stock for wild tuning experiments.

Over the last century, “hot rod” has meant a lot of different things to different generations of gearheads and tinkerers. No matter how the various scenes change over time, the core impulse remains the same:  taking something cheap and ordinary, and making it awesome.

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