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High Price of Automotive Tools Stops Dealers From Carrying The Volt

Posted by on 2/2/2013 to Info News
Chevrolet dealers in Detroit have decided to stop carrying the plug-in hybrid Volt because of the additional cost of automotive tools that they have to purchase in order to service the vehicle. Dealerships stated that their sales do not justify the extra $5,100 they have to pay for tools. General Motors had notified dealers about the added cost of tools, among other requirements, to keep selling and servicing the Volt in November last year, but a month later, dealers noticed that the additional costs meant it was not worth carrying the vehicle.

This revelation has not hurt the sales of the vehicle around the country and through November last year, Volt sales more than tripled to 20,825. GM wants Chevrolet service technicians to remove and ship parts of the Volt’s battery pack for repairs at GM, but in order to do that, the battery will need to be drained completely by a $4,735 depowering tool. This device is what accounts for the bulk of dealers’ additional costs.

Some dealers however, decided to fork out for the tools required for servicing plug-in hybrids because they believe it’s a worthwhile investment. One dealer pointed out that the automotive tools can also be used for other electric powered vehicles like the new Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid which is scheduled to come out this year.

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