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Genius Tools MS-121M 121PC 1/4" Dr. Metric Hand Socket and Bit Set
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Genius Tools MS-121M 121PC 1/4" Dr. Metric Hand Socket and Bit Set

Part Number:GENMS-121M



Genius Tools MS-121M 121PC 1/4" Dr. Metric Hand Socket and Bit Set

1/4" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Deep Hand Socket
225205 5mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225206 6mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225207 7mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225208 8mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225210 10mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225211 11mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225212 12mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL
225213 13mm Deep Hand Socket 50mmL

1/4" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Hand Socket
222504 4mm Hand Socket 25mmL
2225045 4.5mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222505 5mm Hand Socket 25mmL
2225055 5.5mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222506 6mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222507 7mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222508 8mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222509 9mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222510 10mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222511 11mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222512 12mm Hand Socket 25mmL
222513 13mm Hand Socket 25mmL

1/4" Dr. Head Socket
222640 0.8 x 4.0mm Slotted Head Socket 26mmL
222655 1.0 x 5.5mm Slotted Head Socket 26mmL
222665 1.2 x 6.5mm Slotted Head Socket 26mmL
222601 #1 Philips Head Socket 26mmL
222602 #2 Philips Head Socket 26mmL
222603 #3 Philips Head Socket 26mmL
232803 3mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232804 4mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232805 5mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232806 6mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232807 7mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232808 8mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232809 9mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL
232810 10mm Hex Head Socket 26mmL

1/4" Dr. Star Bit Socket
208+6108 T-8 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6109 T-9 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6110 T-10 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6115 T-15 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6120 T-20 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6125 T-25 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6127 T-27 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6130 T-30 Star Bit Socket 45mmL
208+6140 T-40 Star Bit Socket 45mmL

1/4" Dr. Star Hand Socket
252504 E4 Star Hand Socket 22mmL
252505 E5 Star Hand Socket 22mmL
252506 E6 Star Hand Socket 22mmL
252507 E7 Star Hand Socket 22mmL
252508 E8 Star Hand Socket 22mmL
252510 E10 Star Hand Socket 22mmL

1/4" Hex Shank Assorted Screwdriver Bit
SB-111SP 11 Piece Slotted & Philips Bit Set 30mmL
SB-211MH 11 Piece Metric Hex & Triple Square Bit Set 30mmL
SB-711TP 11 Piece Star Bit Set 30mmL
SB-811TP 11 Piece Tamperproof Star Bit Set 30mmL

Key Wrench
HK-009MB 9 Piece Metric Wobble Hex Key Wrench Set
SK-010T 10 Piece Tamperproof Star Key Wrench Set

283508 1/4" Dr. x 1/4" Hex Shank Bit Holder 35mmL
280030 1/4" Dr. F. x 3/8" Dr. M. Adapter 25mmL
280070 1/4" Dr. Universal Joint 40mmL
220002 1/4" Dr. Extension Bar 50mmL
220004 1/4" Dr. Extension Bar 100mmL
220009B 1/4" Dr. Wobble Extension Bar 225mmL
282150 1/4" Dr. Flexible Extension 150mmL
506+0175 1/4" Dr. Socket Driver 175mmL
280231S 1/4" Dr. 36 Teeth Quick Release Ratchet 165mmL
Plastic Tray 1/2

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