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Genius Tools MS-071M 71PC 3/8" Dr. Metric Hand Socket and Bit Socket Set
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Genius Tools MS-071M 71PC 3/8" Dr. Metric Hand Socket and Bit Socket Set

Part Number:GENMS-071M



Genius Tools MS-071M 71PC 3/8" Dr. Metric Hand Socket and Bit Socket Set

3/8" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Deep Hand Socket
326308 8mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326309 9mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326310 10mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326311 11mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326312 12mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326313 13mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326314 14mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326315 15mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326316 16mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326317 17mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326318 18mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL
326319 19mm Deep Hand Socket 63mmL

3/8" Dr. 6 pt. Metric Hand Socket
323208 8mm Hand Socket 28mmL
323209 9mm Hand Socket 28mmL
323210 10mm Hand Socket 28mmL
323211 11mm Hand Socket 30mmL
323212 12mm Hand Socket 30mmL
323213 13mm Hand Socket 30mmL
323214 14mm Hand Socket 30mmL
323215 15mm Hand Socket 30mmL
323216 16mm Hand Socket 30mmL
323217 17mm Hand Socket 32mmL
323218 18mm Hand Socket 32mmL
323219 19mm Hand Socket 32mmL

3/8" Dr. Assorted Bit Socket
308+1140 0.6 x 4.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1150 0.8 x 5.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1160 1.0 x 6.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
310+1280 1.2 x 8.0mm Slotted Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1101 #1 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1102 #2 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
308+1103 #3 Philips Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2133 3mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2134 4mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2135 5mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
308+2136 6mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
310+2147 7mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
310+2148 8mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
339+2149 9mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
340+2150 10mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
342+2152 12mm Metric Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6110 T-10 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6115 T-15 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6120 T-20 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6125 T-25 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6127 T-27 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6130 T-30 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+6140 T-40 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
310+6245 T-45 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
310+6250 T-50 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
340+6255 T-55 Star Bit Socket 50mmL
308+8105 M5 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL
308+8106 M6 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL
310+8108 M8 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL
340+8110 M10 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL
342+8112 M12 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL

3/8" Dr. Star Hand Socket
353510 E10 Star Hand Socket 28mmL
353511 E11 Star Hand Socket 28mmL
353512 E12 Star Hand Socket 28mmL
353514 E14 Star Hand Socket 28mmL
353516 E16 Star Hand Socket 28mmL
353518 E18 Star Hand Socket 30mmL

320040 3/8" Dr. F. x 1/2" Dr. M. Adapter 35mmL
380070 3/8" Dr. Universal Joint 54mmL
326016 3/8" Dr. 16mm Spark Plug Socket 63mmL
326021 3/8" Dr. 20.6mm Spark Plug Socket 63mmL
320002B 3/8" Dr. Wobble Extension Bar 45mmL
320075 3/8" Dr. Extension Bar 75mmL
320150 3/8" Dr. Extension Bar 150mmL
320200 3/8" Dr. Extension Bar 200mmL
380331S 3/8" Dr. 36 Teeth Quick Release Ratchet 220mmL
380371 1/4" & 3/8" Double Drive Ratchet 130mmL
Plastic Tray 1/2

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