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Garden Tools: Proper Care and Maintenance

Posted by on 12/11/2012 to Info News
We are all aware how important it is to own the right garden tools for the jobs we have to do in our gardens; however, many of us have not yet realized the importance of taking proper care for these tools in order for them to continue to perform at their most effective and efficient level. We put them away covered in dirt, mud, and whatnot only to find them rusting the next time we use them.

Bonnie Orr, a master gardener, puts it in three simple words: clean, dry, and sharp (read his post in “In the Garden: Now’s the Time to Prep Those Tools for the Next Year’s Garden”). Tools with metal blades must not be left wet or covered with dirt. She advised to rinse them with hot water so they dry quickly.

Shears, knives, and other sharp tools must be sharpened before you put them away. In her post, “Practical Gardening: Cleaning and Storing Gardening Tools,” Margaret Rose Realy suggests the use of flat rat-tail file for sharpening as this works perfectly for hoes and forks. Once done, they must be cleaned of any remaining rust with steel wool.

Once you have successfully cleaned and stored all your garden tools, all you need to do is wait for next spring.

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