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Exhaust System Options

Posted by on 11/21/2013 to Diesel / Truck / Fleet
Several hard-working components are dedicated to treating, and ejecting, exhaust fumes. The process frees up valuable room inside the engine for improved engine function. Custom exhaust systems remove polluting byproducts from the engine combustion process like nitrous oxide, and other gasses, that otherwise would clog up the system. Using a variety of Vehicle Exhaust Systems Options available at Handsontools allows more cooler air to enter the engine system. This makes engine combustion more efficient resulting in better gas mileage and significant fuel savings.

Vehicle Exhaust Systems Options include a good working exhaust pipe. Essential in custom exhaust systems, the exhaust pipe continues, and concludes, the burning off process for hazardous engine fumes. Custom exhaust systems finish the job through the muffler that ejects remaining engine byproduct fumes initially generated in the exhaust manifold into the atmosphere by way of the tail pipe. The muffler also uses a series of interconnecting pipes along with chambers, walls and screens to facilitate the vehicle exhaust system and cut down on engine noise.

Other vehicle exhaust system options include items like EGR, or exhaust recirculation, valves. A vacuum diaphragm with a poppet tube, the EGR valve sits securely by the intake manifold acting like a gatekeeper in the internal engine combustion scenario. Using vacuum pressure, the valve expels nitrous oxide, and other polluting gasses, more rapidly.

Looking for vehicle exhaust parts can be a daunting task. Going online to a site like make the process easier. I found the site to feature a variety of exhaust system tools and parts, not surprising since the sites has grown since its beginnings in 2000 to one of the most comprehensive mechanic tool, industrial hand tool and body shop supply distributors in the world. The company has five locations across the country with more than 130,000 products available to make life easier for body shop techs, auto mechanics, truck and fleet maintenance technicians and home auto enthusiasts.

Some of the top vehicle exhaust tools, and parts, available at Handsontools include the LeakMaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester to let you know if vehicle emissions are exceeding state, or federal, pollutant levels. Other tools and parts like refractometers, pipe stretcher kits, vacuum and fuel pump testers are available to create the best conditions for vehicle exhaust systems going forward. Try it and enjoy the quality selection today.

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