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Chrysler to Improve Service With Advanced Automotive Tools

Posted by on 1/25/2013 to Info News
Things today are not the same as they used to be in the 90’s, a lot of information is easily available for consumers if they perform a simple Google search. These advances in technology have forced industries to try and keep up with the needs of the consumer. Rather than physically going to a store, we can now buy anything we want from our tablets and laptops. The automotive industry is also trying to keep up with this change of pace by creating automotive tools that will save the driver’s time.

Chrysler in particular is creating high-tech tools that’ll diagnose your vehicle moments after you’ve left the driver’s seat. New vehicle models produced by the company will have an onboard diagnostic port that can provide a complete scan of the list of problems and services needed by the vehicle. This may or may not save you time depending on how you look at it but it will make a visit to the garage a less intimidating experience and you’ll be able to better understand the inner workings of your vehicle, all thanks to small innovative automotive tools. The vehicle giant is spending thousands of dollars to develop an iPad app for diagnostics and training personnel to provide the service, but why? The answer is simple, Chrysler is looking to distinguish themselves from other automotive companies and in the process get new customers, and generate more revenue all while keeping up with the times.

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