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Choosing Your Automotive Repair Tools

Posted by on 3/24/2013 to Mechanic Hand Tools

Have you ever done any automobile repair? Even if you haven’t, anyone who owns a car is probably going to end up doing some repairs in the future. Automobiles are composed of a lot of complicated machinery, and either you’re going to have to spend way too much on a mechanic, or you can order some cheap tools, take a few crash courses in basic automobile repair, and save yourself some money. However, you might want to educate yourself on the necessary tools for repairing your automobile. Don’t spend a lot of money on cheap automotive repair tools that will just lie around collecting rust. Instead, buy based on the automobile that you own and the repairs that you know you’ll actually have to do - and be able to do.

Your Automotive Repair Tools

For your automotive repair job, you don’t need much more than the basics. Tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers are all used by mechanics and they’re easy to understand and make use of. You probably already have these lying around the house, but, in case you don’t, you’ll want to make an inventory of the tools that you have and the ones you still need. In fact, while you’re assembling your tool kit, buy a big tool box or a tool organizer. This will come in extremely handy no matter what project you’re undertaking. In this toolbox, you’ll want to have several of each of these rudimentary automotive repair tools:

        Wrenches - Usually, you’ll only need a couple of wrenches: a large wrench, and a small wrench. However, if you want to do any automotive repair, you should have a several specific types of wrenches. You’ll need a torque wrench (to tighten bolts to the right point), an open end wrench (an all-around, essential auto repair tool), a crescent wrench (a wrench that can adjust for different jobs) and an oil filter wrench (used for changing your oil). 

        Hammers - Obviously, you’ll want a hammer. They’re good for any pounding that you’ll need to do. You probably need only one if you’re only going to use your tools for repairing your car.

        A Sturdy Pair of Gloves - Don’t forget your gloves! Sadly overlooked by many beginning mechanics, gloves are necessary protection for your hands. Buy a good, thick pair - you’ll thank yourself later.

        Pliers - You’ll need a regular pair of pliers - for basic gripping and manipulating - and a pair of cutting pliers - for cutting wires and other offensive material. Depending on the type of repairs you believe you’ll be doing, you might need more than one pair of both types.

These are just the very basic tools. You’ll also want a screwdriver, a file, and even a pair of safety glasses. This is a timeless list that has been used by almost anyone who has ever touched a tool kit. Tools that aren’t included in this list are usually more specific; used for a certain automotive repair jobs. These tools are the basics that you should have before attempting any repairs. As you embark on your mechanical journey, you’ll find yourself needing more tools that do something that the essentials can’t handle. Just make sure you do your research and check that a tool is worth it before purchasing. HandsOnTools can offer you the great deals, reliability, and variety that you need. Don’t be afraid to think outside of your tool box from time to time - there’s a lot of tools out there, and we have a few that are calling your name.

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