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After A Day’s Work

Posted by on 10/31/2012 to Info News
After a day’s work at our jobs, we really need to wind down. For most of us, we just want to lie down on our beds to rest and prepare for the next day, but where is the fun in that? We need to have a good time occasionally as a reward for our hard efforts to make a living. We are not robots who work, rest, then work again. We need to have some sort of entertainment to feel alive.

After a day’s work, why not have a drink? Getting a mug of beer or two is sometimes enough for most of us to have a little enjoyment. If you are in Concord, why not visit Ale Industries' First Saturdays. Here you can grab a drink and help a literacy program. That is correct. According to the article “Drinking to a good cause: Concord brewery supports an adult literacy program” the  First Saturdays isn’t just a place to get drinks. It is also a venue where people can reach out to the community. This is very true as this venue holds an event every now and then to help with the literacy program in the community.  This will be the perfect reason to get drunk because in every mug you buy, you will be helping people learn.

If you are not the bar scene type, and you just want to spend the evening with friends or family, then why not a get a good beer and enjoy it at home. The article,“Salud! Change your beer along with the seasons,” describes two beer brands that will be perfect for this season. The author says that Lakefront’s Oktoberfest Lager or New Glarus’ Staghorn Octoberfest will make anyone  smile. Either of these beers will make a perfect partner for whatever celebration you have in mind. Their stronger taste is perfect for the colder weather of October. Furthermore, both beers are locally brewed in the US, which give them just the right blends for American taste buds.

After a day’s work, it is also important to have a little fun. Beer can help you do that, but remember not to drink too much or do it too often. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a bottle or mug of beer with friends occasionally, but if the drinking is done too frequently, then it might turn in to an addiction, which is really bad for everyone involved.

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