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A Guide on Changing Fuel Filters

Posted by on 3/17/2013 to Engine Tools

The fuel filter is responsible for keeping the macro particles present in the fuel trapped, which is very important because, through the right filtering method, you are letting the fuel filter prevent the bigger particles from getting into the interiors of the car engine. If this happens, these particles can result to serious damage to the engine by clogging some parts such (e.g. fuel injectors). If clogging happens, the injector doesn’t get the required fuel and may need cleaning, and in even worse cases, complete fuel filter replacement. You may think that the replacement cost is an obstacle to changing the filters, but this isn’t the case. Fuel filter replacement is relatively cheap, which is good news because maintaining the filter in top working condition by using auto hand tools is essential. Thus, keeping the filter functional and clean at the same time is a crucial task when caring for your car.

Ways to Change Filter Systems

Every car has a unique fuel delivery system, which means that every fuel filter of each car model ever built is also different and requires a different workup. Fuel filter replacement requires some precautions before doing anything else. Make sure that you have your auto hand tools at the ready. It is important to note that in cars with built-in high-pressure systems, you need to let the pressure off before detaching the fuel lines and filter from one another. Change the car’s fuel filter by removing the fuse that controls the fuel pipe, Then, run the engine until all the gas is depleted. This method works for most car engine types.

Others choose to remove the gas cap for fuel filter replacement. The typical replacement cost varies between states, but filters are quite affordable, ranging from $8 to $20, depending on the specific fit that your engine will requires. After the filter replacement, check if the process was done just right. Take time in placing the filters and making sure that their flow is on the right direction. You can see the “in” and “out” markings to help you find the appropriate directions.

How Often Should You Replace Fuel Filters?

Fuel filter replacement should be done regularly because the fuel filter is one of the most important components to have the car engine work perfectly. This should be no issue now that you know how easy and affordable the fuel filter changing process is. As long as you have auto hand tools with you, you’re all set for the year. Expert mechanics recommend an annual replacement of the fuel filters, along with a regular tune up. Some mechanics suggest that it is safer to have a replacement at least twice in a year. Changing the filters may be needed more frequently if you drive in the more urban areas or wherever there is high pollution.

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