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5 Small Hand Tools Every Household Should Have

Posted by on 5/12/2013 to Info News

It pays to have a few simple tools handy and to know the basic techniques to perform minor tasks around the house. Fixing faucets, doors, windows, lights, and other small fixtures and features of the home will save you a lot of money. The investment you make in these tools will further hone your skills to learn more advanced tasks so you can also repair and build bigger things later on. When it comes to tools, there are a few staple items every household must have. Make sure that you invest in a good brand using good quality material.

1. Hammer

A hammer is a necessity in any household. You will need a hammer for weekend tasks, like repairing or making furniture, fixing doors, windows, refurbishing tables, chairs, and virtually anything made of wood or attached by a nail. The hammer will also be useful for removing rotten wood and rusty nails that can lead to accidents or damage to the home.

A basic hammer made of tough steel or iron is highly recommended. Also choose the type with a rubber grip and observe how your hand feels around the handle. Make sure that the hammer is also of the standard size, for the basic functions. There are bigger and smaller models for specific types of work, but these are commonly used by professionals and those who know more advanced woodwork tasks.

2. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is almost as handy as a hammer. The reversible type allows you to switch between the star screw and the line screw -- two essential types of screws any home may have. Having a screwdriver in the house will let you work on different types of repairs such as fixing furniture, lights, electrical systems, computers, gadgets, telephones, and anything else that’s sealed or attached by a screw. The screwdriver can also be used with a hammer to carve or take out rotten or damaged parts of the wall as well as other parts of the house. The screwdriver can also pry certain objects open easily.

3. Shovel

A shovel will be useful for indoor and outdoor tasks. Generally, it is considered a gardening tool that lets you easily bear holes in the ground to plant trees and shrubs. Shovels will also be useful for mixing cement if you’re building a wall or fixing the floor and other features made of concrete. The shovel will further be useful for moving other kinds of materials like sand, soil, clay, and stones. Using a shovel will help you save time and energy. Find a model that is made of tough steel and wood.

4. Pliers

Another small hand tool that is necessary in the household is a pair of pliers. These will be useful in performing tasks like fixing electrical systems and wiring, removing or bearing screws or nails, clipping wires, fixing gadgets, heavy machinery, and equipment in the home. The pliers will be used concurrently with the screwdriver. Many mechanical systems and machines can be fixed with the help of a pair of pliers. Similar to finding a hammer, look for a model that has rubber handles to make it very easy to hold and work with more efficiently.

5. Heavy Duty Scissors

A pair of hand scissors will be needed in the home for minor work like cutting boxes, ropes, wires, paper, and other finishing materials. There are also specialized scissors for cutting branches and other outdoor uses. Start with the standard kind, which will let you do a variety of things in the house. Hobbies and other small activities in the house will also require scissors. The can include sewing, cutting meat and vegetables, and opening bags and sacks.

Visit different stores and browse online when searching for these items. Always invest in a good brand with a reputation for making high quality and durable simple hand tools. Investing in a good quality brand will ensure that the item will last for several years. Also clean and maintain these items properly to increase their overall lifespan. Compare 2 to 3 products first before purchasing to get the best make.

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