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Chemical Guys N_00P6 Celeste Dettaglio-Carnauba Paste Wax

Chemical Guys N_00P6 Celeste Dettaglio-Carnauba Paste Wax

Part Number:CHGN_00P6
Chemical Guys N_00P6 Celeste Dettaglio-Carnauba Paste Wax

A paste wax that is nothing short of heavenly. To the enthusiasts who thought there would be no innovation, no true change – Your voices have been heard. First off thank you to the thousands of detailers and enthusiasts around the world. Your passion is what fuels this industry. Thank you for your input, your feedback, your pictures, your videos and your friendship. With over 6 months of worldwide testing, Celeste Dettaglio was received with open arms as undoubtedly one of the best paste waxes available. The reviews from professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts worldwide gave us confirmation that we had crafted a true piece of detailing perfection. The feedback and input we received was unreal. Hundreds of car enthusiasts, detailers and friends sent in emails, pictures and videos of Celeste at work. The results were absolutely amazing! We listened to your feedbacks and progressively made changes. 46 unique changes occurred over the course of 6 months to develop a product that would exceed your expectations. December 27 th 2011 – V2 is released. Your thoughts, ideas, and input lead to change. Positive creative ideas came together to form the most innovative pure carnauba paste wax on the detailing enthusiast market to date. Our goal at Chemical Guys is to revolutionize the world or detailing for the enthusiast and detailing professionals alike. We believe it only takes one amazing idea to change the world, and that amazing idea is born in the minds of Chemical Guys. Countless hours are spent by the Chemical Guys research and development team to create and engineer a carnauba paste wax that truly defines the essence of detailing. Celeste Dettaglio V2 - The high carnauba content in v1 makes for a very hard and durable product, but we wanted to make the user experience in application even better….after numerous months of research we have formulated a unique blend of natural oils that bond better to surfaces while allowing v2 users a greater ease of application. The unique blend of pure carnauba was specifically crafted to make any vehicle look stunning. Celeste Dettaglio V2 is designed to take the amazing palette of colors and enhance the clarity to achieve a mind blowing appearance that will make you stare in pure astonishment wondering how your piece of automotive art could look this amazing. Dark color cars will app ear to capture the hue of our world’s natural colors. The truly one-of-a-kind formulation captures the stunning shades of automotive art and transforms them into crystal clear eye candy. Celeste Dettaglio brings the dark luster to jet black paint that you only imagined could be portrayed in the dreams of an automotive enthusiast. White, yellow, and red paint are enhanced and brightened to appear crisp and bright in the sunlight. Yellow cars gain that crisp bright finish that stands out from the crowd. White cars become bright and vibrant just like snow falling on a perfect winter’s day. Celeste Dettaglio is a true ‘show winning’ paste wax designed and engineered to impress the human eye. Over the years, Chemical Guys detailing experts have performed hundreds of blind tests to determine exactly what features of a paste wax give the biggest ‘WOW’ factor. Our test have shown that the right blend of natural oils enable the product to be more user friendly while improving bonding and durability. Chemical Guys spends countless hours developing new and innovative solutions to create the perfect detailing products and techniques. At Chemical Guys we believe that knowledge is power. Having a worldwide family of Chemical Guys Car Care Enthusiasts worldwide makes it awesome to share ideas and experience with the world. Come join the family and share great thoughts, pictures feedback or videos with the world! Be sure to also join us on Facebook and YouTube . In the meantime be sure to check out some of the Chemical Guys Tech Talk videos. Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube account. All subscriptions are automatically entered into Chemical Guys Monthly Giveaways for Free Products Chemical Guys has been obsessed with creating a carnauba wax that outlasts the competition. Our latest generation on carnauba bonding technology means v2 is more durable and longer lasting than ever. By refining the old blend, we are able to increase the perfection of natural carnauba used while still maintaining the perfect ease of application and removal. The perfect blend of waxes and natural oils make for a new Celeste Dettaglio you are sure to love. Once you apply a coat of Celeste Dettaglio to your prized piece of automotive art, you will truly see the ultimate definition of perfection. . In June 2010 Marc Heavenly Detail Elsworth made the following statement. Celeste Dettaglio is almost ready to launch. I’ve been working with Chemical Guys for quite some time now attempting to formulate a wax that works extremely well and efficiently and think we’ve finally arrived. I have just chosen the scent to accompany this unique product that has now entered its production stages and will be shipped from the USA shortly. I’m very excited and passionate about this adventure because like many of you, I do a lot of show preparation and I wanted to achieve a wow factor with a wax that would be an undeniable slam in the face of wetness and juxtaposition of colors that define curves to allow them to be seen as they were meant to be. During this process I have been working hands on with it and it’s been on my own car for a few months now because I find it extremely important to not only test a product before introducing it to the industry, but it’s also important to know the product from a professional detailers standpoint. I’m not going to spend time comparing it to other waxes because that’s too easy. But I will say that it’s exactly what I want from a wax. People that have had it applied to their cars especially at shows have seen the results it gives I’m pleased with the final tests and the results are as follows. I have just prepared 4 cars for modified nationals, 1 a full on correction detail being a VW golf and the other a show detail which was my car for the whole competition to look after as a favour to my friend Ian and did this all at the show. The 3rd car a House of Kolor Candy apple red supra I did for my friend 2 years ago to the day and it has not been touched since and it’s her daily drive and to me this shows how a professionally detailed car benefits, once cleaned and waxed with the new wax Celeste Dettaglio I think it looked as good as it did 2 years ago and House of Kolor agreed and have already asked for her to reshow next year. Porsche GT3RS Ultimate Paint Protection Package – by Detailed By Vinny I’ve used dozens of different waxes that claim to be the best, or leave behind the wettest shine and so on and so forth. Let me tell you, until you have used CelesteDettaglio , you haven’t used the best. The first time I got the privilege to use this wax was on a Porsche GT3RS. The owner contacted me and requested the strongest level of protection for his track car. Naturally I recommended a wash, clay, 2-phase paint sealant, and a 3-layer topping of my Chemical Guys Premium Paste Wax. Having never used Celeste I was slightly nervous of what the overall outcome would be, but knowing Chemical Guys only delivered the finest of products, I knew the results would be immaculate as usual. After all, what can beat the Jet-seal and paste wax combination? The process was pretty straightforward so I will spare you the details up to the protective topping. Once the vehicle was degreased, washed, and clayed, I got out the Jet-seal . Applying 5 small dots to a red detailing pad, I applied a thin layer of the sealant to each panel. After the entire vehicle was covered, I let the protective coating sit for approximately 15 minutes. After the Jet-Seal had hazed, I removed the product and let the vehicle sit for an additional 20 minutes. I repeated this process one more time to ensure a proper coating. After the sealant had been properly applied, I went to the fridge and brought out the Celeste Dettaglio. Upon opening the canister, my senses went wild. The smell was so pure, so elegant, so…heavenly (as per Marc no doubt). The texture was smooth and consistent, it just begged to be used on a vehicle worth it’s calling such as the Porsche GT3RS. I applied the Celeste in a thin uniform layer around the vehicle. After letting the wax haze for roughly 20 minutes, I removed it and then repeated this process another two times. After finally removing the third layer of wax, I brought out some Hybrid V7 to remove any streaking and mild product left behind. I finished up with some other very minor steps (interior vacuuming, tires…etc). I proceeded to pull the vehicle out of the garage, and for the first time I was able to truly appreciate the majesty of Celeste Dettaglio . The entire transformation from start to stop was quite impressive. The vehicle originally looked good; after all the car was brand new. With that said, it was nowhere near this immaculate. The paint truly popped; each panel gushed with a shine so wet, so deep, it was hard believe that the vehicle was indeed dry. I pulled out a glass of DI water and poured it on the hood. After watching it trail right off the panel, not a droplet was left behind. Now that is a symbol of true beauty and protection. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially for $172.00 a jar. I’ve attached some pictures of the job to help show that it truly was a magnificent finish. As usual, Thank You Chemical Guys! Detail done by professional detailer: Detailed By Vinny Phone (615) 854-3915 Email

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